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PelicanCorp Cutover

Underground Service Alert of Northern CA & NV will cutover to the new Pelican System on December 16th, 2022. Use the information on this site to prepare for the transition.

Review Your Membership

Prior to the December 16th software cutover, all Underground Service Alert of Northern CA & NV member representatives will need to review and confirm their membership information within the new system. Use the get started video below as a step by step guide on how to setup your account and review your membership, or download the DPP training guide.

For more information on how to log into the system and confirm your membership, contact us at

DPP Training Guide

Test Tickets

Test tickets with 2023 format changes are available for download here.

Testing of full end to end delivery is also available. For more information on how to get started, please contact us at

Cutover timeline

Release Notes

November 3rd


  • Created public Positive Response ticket search website
  • OneCallAccess Ruler mapping tool updated to include measured distance in feet in addition to miles.
  • System updated to allow for new or unlisted addresses to be processed without verification.
  • Updated text on ticket confirmation screen (blue box) in OneCallAccess
  • Changed “name of utility/authority” dropdown to remove word “Remarks” from Non-Member Utility option
  • Changed field label from Work Type to Type of Work in step 1

Bug Fixes

  • Changed step 3 to correctly populate Town/City/Place for area of interest locations
  • Updated state selector drop down in DPP to no longer conflict with Projection / Datum field
  • Return Trip ticket type removed from NV
  • Return Trip ticket type added to CA
  • Ticket status filter bug fixed in DamagePreventionPortal
  • Updated station code details to allow for phone numbers with extensions in DamagePreventionPortal
  • Authority viewer updated to repair bug not allowing candidate layers to be seen and confirmed in DamagePreventionPortal
  • Bug fixed to allow polygons to be visible in DamagePreventionPortal
  • Fixed bug that caused name of utility/authority for “Utility value” to not populate

September 16


July 26


June 7


May 19



April 21



April 20




  • The stand alone excavator example page has been removed (consolidated under additional documentation)

April 19


The following items have been added

Underground Service Alert of Northern California and Nevada has partnered with PelicanCorp to create an industry leading notification service, enabling us to provide an intuitive and streamlined process while more efficiently handling rising ticket volumes. Our new partnership with PelicanCorp significantly improves our ability to implement leading technologies that will enhance stakeholder education and reduce damages in California and Nevada. Hosted by PelicanCorp in a high-availability cloud environment, this new solution manages all notification tickets from any location, at any time, by leveraging advanced web and mobile-based technologies.


How to use this site

Although we encourage everyone to review all the information available to them, we understand that certain things must be prioritized. Therefore, using the menu on the left (top right if on mobile), you can jump straight to any topic you need.

We strongly suggest familiarizing yourself with some of the available ticket delivery options as well as the different formats that can be included. Examples of each format are available to you for testing but some of them may be subject to change. Check back here regularly to ensure that you have the most up to date copy of each example ticket.

What if I’m not a Utility Member?

Most of the information on this site will not pertain to you, however we still encourage you to familiarize yourself with some of the information found under the “Additional Documentation” page where you will find information about the new ticket output and direct field comparisons to the current system.

Support or Contact

Not finding what you need, or having trouble with this page? Please contact